As mentioned above, New York Home Security offers high maintenance robust Digital Video Recorders that you can always rely on. What distinguish our DVRs from other competitors: 

​1- Hard Drive Capacity - Our DVRs' capacity start at 500 GB and can go all the way to 28 TB which provides us with non stop recording for up to six months! Once capacity is reached, the system will overwrite the old footage and replace it with new footage hence no labor!

2- Automation - Each DVR can be programmed to record either non stop, motion-based or scheduled. The footage collected can be viewed by just one click and can be exported using a regular flash drive. 

​3- Channel Count​ - You have the option to choose how many channels (i.e. screens) you would like your DVR to have. You can choose the basic DVR with 4 channels up to 32 channels.
These systems are usually one camera systems and they can be either wired or wireless. We are also happy to provide our Internet Savvy customers with a wide variety of IP Camera system offerings. 



This is a perfect solution for the small budget price sensitive client. Choose from our various indoor and outdoor camera capabilities and get:

​1- Excellent Image Quality - Up to 600 TVL which provides an excellent image outdoor and near HD image indoor.

2- Weatherproof - With the constant weather changes in CNY, you will never have to worry about the quality of these cameras since they are also anti-fog, anti-freeze and come with an internal thermal adjustment. 

​3- Night Vision​ - Perfect for your home or small business since these cameras will cover up to 85 FT. during the night with outdoor lighting.


A reliable performance is what New York Home Security promises with these high definition surveillance cameras. It is now easier and more affordable than ever to have a custom surveillance solution that can go toe-to-toe with an HDTV. These cameras provide:

​1- High Definition Image Quality - View your footage like never before with the detail and clarity of high definition 1080p resolution video.

2- True Color HD During Night - Unlike other systems with a black & white video picture, they deliver a high definition full color picture even during the night!

​3- No Need for Outdoor Lighting​ - Starting from 84 IR Lights, these cameras are self sufficient and eliminate the need to have outdoor lighting.

4- Long Distance Viewing Capabilities -  From 150 FT. to 600 FT., you're guaranteed to have the best area coverage for your business or home


New York Home Security offers a wide variety of camera surveillance systems that fit your needs and budgets. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of cameras that are weatherproof, wired or wireless and have night vision capabilities. 

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) comes with every system to record the video stream on a hard drive for future use and can be connected to your Internet to provide remote viewingfrom any smartphone, computer or internet-connected device.

You can choose to bundle and mix any camera offerings in your package and New York Home Security will be happy to accommodate all your needs. Our camera surveillance systems can support up to 32 cameras!

The system can be viewed on your regular TV screen. But if you desire otherwise, New York Home Security offers different monitor screens and sizes.

PTZ Dome cameras play vital roles in middle and big scale video surveillance systems. Compared to other types of CCTV camera, PTZ dome cameras provide a wide range of benefits, and widely deployed in various security applications such as:

​1- Pan Rotation & Tilt rotation at High Speed - Automatically flip tilt rotation at 180 degrees, can make security camera monitoring scene without limitation in vertical.

2- Smart Patrol & Tracking Features - PTZ camera can scan specific areas automatically, even tracking the suspicious individual or vehicle when coupled with Video Analytics.

​3- Powerful Zoom & Auto Focus Function​ - Available at New York Home Security with a 10x/22x/27x/30X/36X optical zoom & digital zoom camera modules.

​4- Vandal-proof Dome & Aesthetic Design ​- Come with vandal-resistant plastic dome and can resist the smash, break, shatter.